This week, we interviewed LaTosha Duffey aka DJ Duffey. She's a single mom to 4-year-old, Heir, and a nationally known DJ. She just finished a tour with rapper, Curren$y, and has DJed events for Jordan Brand and Revolt TV, to name a couple. LaTosha is always on the move, but you can keep up with her on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat at @iWantDJDuffey. 

Me: What kind of activities does your son participate in?

LD: He plays soccer and is in an advanced pre-K program at school, where they learn kindergarten curriculum and skills to get them ahead. 

Me: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of being a parent?

LD: The most challenging thing for me is my schedule. I’m a mom that travels a lot for work, so that’s the most difficult… not only emotionally, having to be away from him, but school is very important to me, so keeping him on track and making sure he doesn’t have any issues, stuff like that.

Me: How does your son use technology, and do you have any concerns about his use at such an early age?

LD: My son uses an iPad and the Leap Frog, almost on a daily basis. I think it’s great that he uses it at such a young age because I’ve seen how he figures out things, and tries to solve problems on his own to make something work. With the Leap Frog, it’s all educational, so I know anytime he’s on there, whatever he’s doing will help and benefit him. Plus, it grows with him, so the older he gets, the harder the games become.

I was a Communication Technology major in college, so I know how valuable technology is in business these days. The more he’s involved in technology and loves technology the way I did, I feel like it will help him with whatever path he takes.

Me: What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of being a parent?

LD: I think the most rewarding thing is the unconditional love. I don’t know, it’s just an amazing feeling knowing you brought this person into the world and you’re helping set them on a great path for life. Not only that, but they will always be in your life.

Me: Do you have any fun family vacations planned this year? If so, where to?

LD: Yes, for his 5th birthday we’re going to Disney World! I’m really excited about that, and I haven’t told him, so it will be a real birthday surprise.