Tre (my 9 year old son) and I have been sick for the last few days. Nothing serious, just the basic cold/flu with the nagging cough, day-quil head-fog, sore throat, fatigue, and know, all that fun yucky stuff.

As we both lay on the sofa, five episodes into a Downton Abbey binge, bundled together under our shared blanket and bonding in the misery of coughing, napping, and annoying each other, I start to cry. Ok, sob is a more accurate description.

Tre becomes alarmed  and asks, "Momma, what is wrong??"

I say..."I just want my mom. I don't feel good and I want someone to take care of me." Booo-hooo...

Tre then starts to cry, "I want my mom too!" Boooo-hoooo....

So there we were. A sad scene. The two of us crying for our moms. Then I stopped crying for a moment and said, "Wait, Tre. I am your mom. Why are you crying? Im right here."

He says, "Oh yeah. Well, you aren't worth much right now. I want YOUR mom. I think she would be better at taking care of us then you."

We both burst out laughing and kind of crying at the same time and I realized that we really did need my mom.  I remembered all the times when I was sick as a child and my mother was my nurse, soup maker, servant, foot rubber....and sometimes she did all of that for me while she was sick as well.  It was a great reminder, that as parents, sometimes we need help.  And it's okay to cry for your momma every once in a while.