Ben Abbott and his wife, Christy, have two kids (Bode - 10, Sadie - 7). Ben is a managing partner at the Law Offices of LAWRH, active at his church, and Cub Scouts. He also loves walking his kids to school in the mornings, which has allowed Ben to interact with the faculty and develop relationships that have helped his kids' learning experiences.

Me: What kind of activities do your children participate in?

BA: My son does Scouts, church, and structured sports (football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and tennis lessons). During the summer, he attends a sports camp put on by the school district, and this summer he's going to attend a 2-week sports camp. My daughter is in a pottery class, as well as a structured sport like tumbling or cheerleading. She also plays basketball and does church activities. She'll attend the same camp as her brother this summer.

Me: What's the most challenging thing about being a parent?

BA: We're older parents, so we don't have any grandparents on either side. There's a lot of time pressure since we're the sole caregivers. We have to have a lot of patience. 

Me: What types of technology would you say your kids use most, and do you have any concerns with their use? 

BA: These kids are really, really sharp. They learn at home and at school. My son has a laptop, and they both have iPads. Bode also has an iPhone, xBox, and Wii. It's really good because they know how to use different types of technologies. Obviously the concern is limiting screen time, so that they don't get up and sit one one of those all day long. We put a limit of 2.5 hours of total screen time per day. 

Me: What's the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

BA: We don't use nannies, and my wife has the luxury of not having a job outside of the home, so we get to teach our kids about caring and cultivating relationships ourselves. To see them grow and be smart and kind people is a real treat.

Me: What sports teams do you cheer for?

BA: Our favorite is the (Dallas) Stars, and of course the Rangers, Cowboys, and Mavericks. Neither one of us went to SMU but we love going to SMU football games.