Brook Cheatham is a mom of 4 (Aidan-15, Colton-12, Dawson-7, Ava-3) and an awesome yoga instructor. Between private sessions, retreats, and teaching other instructors, Brook is a busy bee! You can like her yoga page on Facebook here, and visit her website at

Me: What kind of activities do your children participate in?

BC: They're in soccer, and are about to start basketball. They're also in acting and modeling.

Me: What's the most challenging thing about being a parent?

BC: I would say getting them to do anything beyond going to school and what they want to do. Not just chores, but homework, or if you want to take them somewhere they don't want to go. Anything out of their little comfort zone I think is the most challenging. 

Me: What types of technology would you say your kids use most and do you have any concerns with their use? 

BC: We all use the phones, but I'm definitely concerned with my 15-year-old. There's a constant battle with him and video games. Video games are not just to be played anymore, they're also being watched on YouTube, so he's constantly staring into it. We don't let them have iPads.

Me: What's the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

BC: Just the love. The smiles, all of that. The love, for sure.

Me: What would you say your house looks like on Friday night?

BC: We try to do family things, like movie night. We'll rent a movie and do popcorn and stuff.

Me: Does your family have any cool vacations planned for 2016?

BC: Yes, we do! We're going to Mexico and Hawaii.