At Dangle we talk a lot about the "Superparents" out there.  Working the daily grind, doing the best they can for their children, all while staying sane and making time for themselves to "fill their cup back up".  Maria is one of those "Superparents" that we are delighted to focus on this week in our Dangle Parent Interview blog post.

Maria is a busy single mother of two children; Bridgette, 6 years old, and Drake, 7 years old. On top of working full time at a bank, Maria also coaches the girls high school dance team.  Which means, on top of all her children's games she attends all the High School sports games on top of the weekly practices she manages!  She is one busy Supermom!

Dangle: What kind of activities do your kids participate in?

MB: My kids are ages 7 & 6. My son is 7 and he is very athletic and wants to be involved in EVERYTHING!! He plays our towns city league flag football in the fall, Biddy Ball Basketball in the winter along with wrestling, and city league baseball and this summer will be his first traveling team baseball also!

My daughter, Bridgette, is 6 and she is also very athletic! She played in our city league Biddy Ball basketball, she competes competitive gymnastics, and this summer will be her first year for t-ball!

Dangle: What is the most challenging thing about being a parent?

MB: Being a single parent is tough. My kids do stay with their dad one night a week and every other weekend.  One challenge I find on a day to day basis is making sure that kids get enough 100% focused attention from me.  Between working two jobs and the kids in sports there is never enough time to just sit and chill with my kids.  

Dangle: What is the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

MB: Seeing my children grow and learn new things.  Watching them face challenges and obstacles and then conquering them! I love watching my kids thrive on the activities that are involved in and how it brings us all together.

Knowing that I have been a good influence on them, especially with their faith.  And seeing them develop their trust and belief in God and relying on Him during their troubles is absolutely amazing to me.

As most parents, I’m sure, the reward comes after being exhausted from a long day and your child walks up to you and out of nowhere just says, "Mom I love you".  Awww… melts my heart. There is no better reward then the unconditional love that a child gives their parents.  

Dangle: What kinds of technology do your kids use and do you have any concerns with their use?

MB: My children love my iphone and ipad.  Santa Clause did bring a PS4 for Christmas, but it has only been played a couple of times.  I’m lucky that my kids aren’t into “gaming” as much as some of their friends are.  They do love to play games on my ipad, espcecially the schools' Lexia program.  It’s a program through the school  that is for reading, comprehension, spelling, math etc.  My son is so competitive that he loves to get to the next level and be at the top of his class. I have had to take it away from him some nights and make him go do something else.  I’m not too concerned for my kids, but I know that with kids, it can change any minute.  My son loves to watch TV and movies so I do have to restrict his TV time! He gets mad like any other kid when told no, but eventually he moves on to do something else.  

Dangle: As a single parent, can you share any “life hacks” that makes life easier for your family?

MB: Life easy? As a single parent?? Ha!!  The most helpful advice that I have for my family is scheduling and planning ahead! I keep everything on a calendar and try to plan ahead as much as possible.

Dangle: How do you find a balance in your life between career, parenting. love, and home responsibilities?

MB: Finding a balance is very, very difficult!!! But you do have to make time for yourself and for your relationship with someone else. Because I work 40 hours a week plus being a high school dance coach, I’ve learned it’s OK to ask people for help. I’m human, not superwoman!!

I’m the type of person that would rather cuddle up with the kids and watch a movie or watch them practice and leave a pile of laundry sitting there for a couple of days.  Those things can wait... Spending time with your kids can’t.  My house isn’t a museum, it’s a home!

I firmly believe couples still need to have their alone time together to keep their love alive! Sometimes that means there needs to be a date night once a month and you have to hire a sitter, and that’s ok! Your children need to seeing a loving, healthy relationship between adults.