Mandi and her husband Adam live in Wamego, Kansas with their 4-year-old son and two dogs. The couple runs four successful businesses at once, all while living out of their RV. How does this super motivated and fun family juggle the responsibilities of small business ownership, parenthood, and family activities while still finding the time to keep the marriage spark alive?  Read more to find out...

SC: What kind of activities do your kids participate in?

MP: My kiddo will be turning 4 in April.  We are planning on getting him started in soccer and martial arts of some kind.  He has shown an interest in soccer and we love the self-discipline aspect of martial arts. 

SC: What is the most challenging thing about being a parent?

MP: Juggling everything, owning/running three (four temporarily) businesses, making sure that our son has all our attention when we are together, and our relationship.  To help balance, we have dates during lunchtime so the majority of the weekend is spent with family time.  We like things a little crazy.

SC: What is the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

MP: Watching him learn new things, seeing his interests, watching his personality bloom, his facial expressions are the best :) 

SC: What kinds of technology do your kids use and do you have any concerns with their use?

MP: We watch learning videos at home.  He loves the learning apps that I have downloaded on an old iPod; he gets to play on it during visits when sitting is super hard for a 3 year old (waiting for food at a restaurant, office visits, etc.)  We limit his screen time, we all learned to develop our imaginations without technology, he will too.

SC: Can you share any "life hacks" that makes life easier for your family?

MP: We make time for each relationship within our family, we talk about things that bother us, we are constantly working on being better people, and we never forget to find the fun in things.

SC: How do you find a balance in your life between career, parenting, love, and home responsibilities?

MP: We have shut off times for work, plan lunch dates as a couple; we create fun activities to do as a family on the weekends to create memories.  We actually sold our home and bought a fifth wheel to redefine what we want in life. Volunteered simplicity. This has taken a huge stress off of us; we will end up with an awesome camper to spend the summer exploring new places in the future. We are saving and clearing away our debt. Freedom.

SC: Tell us something that makes you and your family unique? 

MP: I think our full time RVing (learned that term this year) makes us fairly unique.  We are very happy with one kid; he is our world. We have two old dogs (old dogs are way better than puppies). Our passion in life is to better the world, to leave every situation better than it started.