Cuffs The Legend is a cool dad of 3, youth basketball coach, and host of “The Flourish Podcast.” He has been featured on ESPN, Bleacher Report, NFL Network, and others, sharing his sports expertise and hilarious content. You can keep up with Cuffs on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter at @CuffsTheLegend and listen to “The Flourish Podcast” on iTunes.

Dangle: What kind of activities do your kids participate in?

Cuffs: My son plays basketball and my daughter plays basketball and does gymnastics.

Dangle: What kind of technology do your kids use?

Cuffs: Everything. My son has a PS4, they all have iPhones, desktop, laptops…there’s nothing but devices in my house.

Dangle: Do you have any concerns with their use?

Cuffs: They can get on after school for a couple of hours. They have their phones on them at school in case of an emergency, but I take their devices around 8:30 at night so they can wind down to get ready for the next day. I monitor all of their social media accounts too, I look at their Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

Dangle: What’s the most challenging thing about being a parent?

Cuffs: Speaking to my daughters differently than I do my son. They are girls, so I can’t be as tough or harsh with them. You have to talk to them with different tones. Also managing their different personalities. It’s like with coaching, so you have to speak to individuals in ways that you can reach them and that they understand. You always have to let them know you have their best interests at heart. There are going to be times they don’t like you or they don’t agree with your methods of parenting…I tell my kids all the time, “There’s nothing you’re doing that I haven’t done or seen, so you can’t get any tricks past me.” It’s hard having to discipline them and be the bad guy sometimes.

Dangle: What’s the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

Cuffs: Knowing that all of the morals and values you’ve instilled in them are sticking. Seeing them do well in school and athletics, or whatever their passions are. Just seeing them happy and making good decisions. There are so many kids involved in bad things, on the news in a shooting or robbery…just keeping them grounded and being able to resist peer pressure. I want them to know they can’t do everything other kids do.

Dangle: What sports teams do you all cheer for?

Cuffs: The Cleveland Cavaliers…I’m a big LeBron (James) fan, so is my daughter. My son is on the Steph Curry wave, he really idolizes him. We’re New England Patriots fans, too. My son likes the Buffalo Bills, I’m not sure why…think he just likes their helmet. We really like Tom Brady.