This week’s parent is April Barnes. April is a single parent Superhero with two girls (Lauren – 10 and Sam – 4).  This awesome family of three makes their own rules while they are on the journey of self-discovery. They have two cats, Malcolm and Katniss.  They also love the sun and the moon and enjoy being outside.  Mom pays the bills as a Global Mobility Consultant during the day and has a hobby of interviewing people for her page Love and Sexology.  

Dangle: What kind of activities do your kids participate in? 

AB: Gymnastics. Lauren loves to swim, dance, sing, sculpt and draw and Sam loves to dance, cook and watch how to cook/bake videos.

Dangle: What is the most challenging thing about being a parent?

AB: Being ok with being yourself around your kids.

Dangle: What is the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

AB: Seeing your kids happy and the fact I get the chance to help them discover and be who they really are!

Dangle: What kinds of technology do your kids use and do you have any concerns with their use? 

AB: Kindle and iPhone...not really.

Dangle: Can you share any "life hacks" that makes life easier for your family?

AB: Don’t over schedule your kids!

Dangle: How do you find a balance in your life between career, parenting, and home responsibilities?

AB: Hell if I know. Seriously, it just happens. I make sure that if I'm feeling "out of sorts" then I ground myself and see what the real priorities are.