This week’s parent interview is with Danika Leeks, a mom to a son (Anthony-12). In addition to running her own business, she finds time to practice yoga and volunteer around her community!

Dangle: What kind of activities does your son participate in?

DL: Anthony attends a fine arts academy school where he is a member of the drum club. He has weekly private drum lessons, plays on a tournament basketball team and participates in a national online reading program.

Dangle: What kind of technology does he use? 

DL: He has an iPhone, Samsung tablet and uses our home desktop computer and his laptop.

Dangle: Do you have any concerns with his use? 

DL: Yes, I constantly monitor the sites he visits, the music he listens to and have parental controls set up.

Dangle: What’s the most challenging thing about being a parent? 

DL: Balance. As a parent I want to give my son everything my parents gave me and so much more.  As a single mom, who is a small business owner I constantly struggle with balancing work and all the details of parenting, such as cooking, cleaning, homework, chores and extracurricular activities.  I also pay close attention not to give him too much and teach him responsibility and accountability.  I strive to teach him that as he is growing up his life is based on my choices, but as he grows into an adult his life will be based on his choices. It's important for him to know that his future is ultimately based on his decisions and hard work.  

Dangle: What’s the most rewarding thing about being a parent?  

DL: Seeing his smile as he reaches a new goal or overcomes a challenge and of course a sweet hug or kiss on the cheek after a good game or performance.  

Dangle: Any cool vacations planned for the summer?  

DL: We love the beach so this summer starts of with a trip to Cancun to celebrate my parents’ 50 year wedding anniversary, followed up by a week in Florida later this summer with extended family.