1. When setting up your account for the first time, please allow notifications! It's key for us to help you manage your home.
  2. When setting up your kid's account, please make a note/write down the username and password you've assigned to him/her.
  3. Upload a picture of them from your camera roll or take one right then.
  4. To setup tasks, click the list icon at the bottom of the screen.
    • You can repeat tasks, require a photo from your kid to make sure they have done what they said, and change the value of pre-loaded tasks. 
  5. Carrots are what we call rewards. To create a carrot, tap the carrot icon in your parent interface, then tap the "+" icon at the top right of the screen. It will take you to a screen to create a carrot.
    • From there, just designate what your child is working toward and how many points will be needed to earn it. Select what child the reward is for and save -- you are now good to go.
    • If using 1-2 points per task, the value of the first carrot should be 30-40 points, as an average kid completes around 3 tasks each day. This also allows your child to see the benefit of completing their tasks and getting rewarded much more quickly. Once they hit their point goal, it's time to create a new reward and start again! 
  6. After you provision everything on the parent side, go ahead and download on your child's device and log them in with the unique username and password you created for them. 
  7. Dangle!